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Chin Fillers and Jawlines









Today, it has gained importance that the jaw line is prominent in the perception of beauty. For this purpose, the chin corners along the chin line and the chin tip can be given volume and clarity with fillings. It is the process of reshaping the chin with ready-made hyaluronic acid fillers to be used. It is a personalized treatment, and the amount of filling to be made, its permanence and the areas to be made are determined according to the joint decision of the doctor and the patient. The chin should never be evaluated alone. Lip fullness, nose shape and projection, forehead area, cheekbones protruding, nose edge, interoral (nasolabial) and rim to chin grooves (marionette) should be evaluated together. The filling to be applied can be selected according to its permanence. If permanent methods are desired as a result of the application, jaw shaping surgeries with implants are recommended.


Before Operation

The areas to be filled in the chin are determined, drawing can be made. Detailed medical history is taken, patient examination, the person's expectations, information about the procedure, and photographing before the procedure.


It does not require any anesthesia. It is applied to the required areas by microinjection method or with the help of cannula according to the needs of the person. There are local anesthetic substances in the fillers used. They prevent the formation of pain during and after the application. The process takes about 15-20 minutes. 

Post Process

It can be washed half an hour after the procedure, it is free to eat and drink. There may be redness, swelling and/or bruising in the process areas from the filling application. The pain is minimal and the person can easily go to work the next day  . It is normal to experience pain with the chewing movement, especially after the application to the corner of the jaw. It will go away on its own in about 1-2 days. If the amount to be applied on some jaw lines is too much, it can be applied in sessions. It requires again according to the permanence of the material to be used. 

Net Result

7-10 days

Effect Duration

6 months - 2 years

Recovery Time

2 or 3 days

Processing Time

15-20 min






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