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The aim of this surgical procedure, called rhinoplasty, is to correct the deformity of the nose. It is possible to perform the correction (deviation) surgery of bone curvatures that prevent breathing in the nose. In rhinoplasty, which is mostly known as reducing or shaping the nose, sometimes it is also aimed to enlarge the nose.



Should this surgery be performed by an ear, nose, throat specialist or plastic surgeon?


Functional and aesthetic nose surgery is at the forefront in the basic training of ENT specialty. However, physicians from both branches successfully perform rhinoplasty.  


Again, you will make the best decision about choosing your doctor.



  • Before meeting with your doctor, it will be useful to identify all your problems with your nose.

  • Specifying whether you are breathing, runny nose, post-nasal drip and headache will make it possible to solve these problems with this surgery.

  • Be sure to discuss your nose shape problems and what can and cannot be fixed with your doctor.

  • The affordability of your post-operative expectations will be expressed by your doctor.

  • The way to get rid of post-operative disappointment is possible by making good use of this period.

  • Behaving with your doctor in this surgery will relieve both you and your doctor. Collaboration will turn your entire surgery period into an enjoyable pursuit.  Different expectations will bring you face to face with your doctor at the very beginning of the road.

  • While very large defects can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure for you, a very small detail can sometimes only be corrected with a difficult surgery.

  • The best should be remembered as the enemy of the good.



  • The aim of rhinoplasty is to make the most suitable nose for your face. Achieving this harmony is considered a successful result.

  • This surgical procedure will undoubtedly be performed with the existing fabric. In other words, the thickness of your skin, the thinness and form of the existing cartilages, your wound healing and previous nose surgeries determine the success rate.

  • The goal is not to make a disinterested nose on your face. Therefore, making the most beautiful nose alone will not solve the problems.

  • While some parts of the nose are reduced, some parts are enlarged to provide a good looking nose on the face.

  • It is important to keep the impression that the nostrils are not excessively visible, that the bony roof is not lost and that it has undergone surgery.

  • Do not forget that no surgery is guaranteed, additional surgeries may be required in the next period, and no doctor can promise you a perfect nose.



  • Nose aesthetic surgeries are the most performed aesthetic surgeries in the world.

  • The operation time usually does not exceed 2-3 hours. However, in special cases (revision rhinoplasty), this period may be longer.

  • Your doctor will determine whether this surgery will be performed with an open or closed technique.

  • You will wake up with a special tampon that will not prevent you from breathing in the nose and a tiny plaster covering the outside of the nose.

  • Post-surgery is usually not as painful as feared. With simple painkillers, this period will pass quite comfortably.

  • Postoperative bruising and swelling are much less common than previous surgical techniques.  However, applying cold for 5 minutes per hour, for the first 24 hours, to the root of the nose and under the eyes, will reduce these swelling and bruises faster.

  • After 6 days, your nasal packing and plaster will be removed and your breathing will return to normal.

  • After the plaster is removed, your nose will be taped again and these tapes will remain on your nose for about 7 days.

  • After your cast is removed, your doctor will show you the nasal massage. In this way, your payment will decrease faster.

  • Again, with the nasal washing application that you will do after the surgery, you will get rid of the post-operative drying and crusting problems in your nose.



Every person you meet after nose surgery will make different comments to you. This is related to the fact that tastes are different, as well as your old nose is not well known. Even the experts in this field can only comment on your nose by considering the old nose.


It will be the most appropriate way to follow the changes related to your nose with your doctor over time.


Revision Rhinoplasty



Turbinate Surgery

Primary Rhinoplasty

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