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Lip Lift (Lip Lift)




Lip lift surgery; It is performed in order to lift and clarify the lip, especially in patients where the upper lip is very thin, the red part is not clear, and the lip arc is very unclear when viewed from the opposite side. Lip lift can be performed on patients whose lips are of normal size but who want it to look more lifted. Lip lift surgery is performed on patients who aim to show their teeth more while talking and laughing. Facial sagging occurs over time and with aging. In these patients, the lip length becomes longer and the lip becomes thinner. For this purpose, lip lift surgery can be performed to make the patient look younger.


Lip lift surgery can be easily performed under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia can also be used if desired. If the patient wants a combined operation with other operations, then it is preferred to perform it under general anesthesia.

Lip lift surgery is an operation that takes about 45 minutes on average. With this surgery, the excess skin tissue is removed, the skin underneath is released up to the red part of the lip. Afterwards, the skin is repaired with approximation stitches. At the end of this surgery, a surgical scar will remain in the area where the base of the nose and the lip meet.


The person continues his/her normal activities. There will be swelling in the lip area that lasts for 3 days, this swelling will gradually decrease after that and will be fixed up to 1 week. The stitches will heal and be removed in an average of 5-7 days. During this process, numbness of the lips, decreased mobility, tension may be felt while laughing. However, the drugs to be used will help the person to go through this process more comfortably. Again, applying ice on the day of surgery will reduce swelling to a certain extent. After lip lift surgery, there are small bands on the suture line, these bands are changed according to the contamination situation. If you wish, the patient can apply lipstick to his lips. During this whole process, daily activities are continued.


Is There Any Scar After Lip Lift Surgery?


After the lip lift surgery, a thin scar will remain at the level of the base of the nose and the lip junction. This scar will be fresher and redder in the early period, and will be like a vague scar in the long term. However, it should not be forgotten that there is a trace in that region that will remain for life. Older, fair-skinned people will have better wound healing, so the scar will hardly be obvious. This surgery should not be performed in patients who are prone to swelling from the skin and are prone to keloid.



General - Local


Processing Time

45 min


Recovery Time

7-10 days


Net Result

3 - 6months


Effect Duration

for life




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