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Under Eye Bruise Treatment (Light Filling)










One of the most striking parts of our face is the eye area. Under-eye grooves and bruises are problems that make people look tired and old. Although the grooves here are structural, they become more evident with the loss of bone tissue support as age progresses. There can be more than one reason for dark circles under the eyes. Since this area is hollow, it stays in the shade and looks even darker. Since the skin in this area is very thin, subcutaneous veins are easily visible and appear as bruises, especially in light-skinned people. In some people, especially those with dark skin tone, dark circles may occur due to hyperpigmentation. At the same time, since it is a region where lymph circulation is low, under-eye puffiness can easily develop with wrong product selection and excessive amount applications. 

A single product of a single brand has been produced specifically for this region. Technologically, the product contains hyaluronic acid, which does not retain much water, and compositions with 14 different ingredients. The purpose of these substances is to provide cell regeneration, moisturizing the area and reducing free radicals. When the under-eye groove is filled, there will be a decrease in the dark appearance automatically, as the cupping will disappear. 

The maximum amount of filler that can be applied under the eyes in a single session is certain. Complications may occur if a large amount of filler is applied in a single session. Therefore, it would be correct to apply it in sessions and little by little. A total of 3 sessions is sufficient, provided that it is often once a month. Since this area is a special area, the product has a high permanence.


The areas to be filled are determined. A detailed medical history is taken, patient examination, the person's expectations, information about the procedure, and photographing before the procedure. 


Since the filling to be used is fluid, it can be applied with very thin needles and is painless and does not require anesthesia. It is applied to the required areas according to the needs of the person by microinjection method. There are local anesthetic substances in the fillers used, which prevent the formation of pain during and after the application. The process takes about 10-20 minutes.

Post Process 

Half an hour after the procedure, the face can be washed. After the filler application  redness, swelling and/or bruising may be seen in the application area. Swelling and bruises in the area around the eyes are a little more common. The person can easily go to work the next day. 

Net Result

7-10 days

Effect Duration

6 months - 2 years

Recovery Time

3 or 4 days

Processing Time

15-20 min






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