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Tipplasty (Nose Tip Aesthetics)








The nasal tip is the most important part of the nose which has no bones and consists only of cartilage. It is the procedure applied only for the patients who are satisfied with the nasal bone structure, but do not like the tip. It is applied to the patients with excessive wide or narrow nasal tip from the front-view, excessive upward  or downward, or protruded or depressed nasal tip from the side-view, or symmetry problems.

Before the Surgery

A detailed medical history is obtained, the patient is examined, the expectations of the patient is learnt, the patient is informed about surgery, photographs are taken, the necessary tests and examinations are performed.



The surgery takes about 1 hour under general anesthesia or local anesthesia to obtain a natural appearance. Additional procedures (chin and cheekbone aesthetics, septoplasty) may be performed depending on the nasal structure of the patient. Special bandage, and if necessary, silicone nasal packing may be performed.


After the Surgery

Eating begins in a short time. Cold should be applied in the first 24 hours. The patient can have a shower the next day without getting the bands wet. The tamponade is removed within 2-3 days and the bandages within 7 days. The patient can return to work after 1 week, do light exercises after 2 weeks and heavy exercises after 4 weeks and wear glasses after 3-4 weeks. Bruising and swelling on the face may be seen very rarely, but they lasts 1-2 weeks. The patient recovers at the end of 6 months to 1 year completely.


Alternative Procedures

Nasal tip lifting may also be achieved with the application of botulinum toxin to the special muscle areas. In addition, nasal tip remodeling may be applied to appropriate patients using special nasal fillers. 




Processing Time

1  hour


Recovery Time

7-10 days


Net Result

6 months - 1 year


Effect Duration

For life




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